Mar 24, 2019  
2017 - 2018 Catalog 
2017 - 2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Student Media / Newspaper

The Dolphin, the College’s student newspaper, enriches the lives of the Delgado and New Orleans community through teamwork, passion, enthusiasm, and tenacity. The Dolphin publishes current news events, opinions, and advertisements. The goal of The Dolphin is to be an excellent news source of journalistic integrity, preparing tomorrow’s journalists with practical student experience today. The Dolphin has a live online portal for news at; a Twitter account, @DelgadoDolphin; and an Instagram account, The_Dolphin_News.

Dolphin Radio, WXDR-LP 98.9 FM, the College’s radio station, is the newest member of the student media offerings at Delgado. It provides a means of communication for the faculty, students, and other on-campus organizations. The FCC granted Dolphin Radio a permit for a low-powered FM license, which allows it to broadcast to much of the New Orleans area from the City Park Campus. Listeners can access Dolphin Radio online at, or through the free Dolphin Radio app or free TuneIn app on their mobile devices.

DTV, the College’s television station, broadcasts locally and provides students with the opportunity to gain experience in video production while sharing information about Delgado with the local community. It also serves as a means of communication for faculty, students, and other on-campus organizations at Delgado. Viewers can access DTV content online at