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2016 - 2017 Catalog 
2016 - 2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Learning Laboratories

There are a number of learning laboratories available for students at the following Delgado locations:

City Park Campus

The Reading Lab, located in the west wing area on the second floor of Isaac Delgado Hall (Building 1), provides tutoring and computer services for students in reading courses. The Individualized/Prescriptive Lab in 212W4 offers one-to-one tutoring in reading problems and the Computer Assisted Lab in 221W offers specialized reading software and programs, word processing, Internet research, and reading skills tutorials.

The Writing Center, which houses the English Composition and Grammar Labs for the Communication Division, provides one-to-one tutoring in writing, as well as computer resources—word processing, Internet access for writing-related research, and software tutorials for grammar and writing. Located on the second floor west wing of Isaac Delgado Hall (Building 1, Room 216W), the Writing Center is open to students with writing projects in all disciplines. The Writing Center is open Monday through Saturday, fall and spring semesters, and Monday through Thursday during summer session.

The American Sign Language Skills Lab is also located within the Writing Center (Building 1, Room 216W) and provides software and video services for students enrolled in American Sign Language courses in the Communication Division. Hours for this lab vary.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Listening/Speaking Classroom is located on the second floor of Delgado Hall (Building 1, Room 211W). When not in use for ESL conversation classes, the room serves as an open computer laboratory for students enrolled in the ESL program to work on listening, speaking, pronunciation, and writing activities as directed by the instructors. The lab is open Monday through Friday, fall and spring semesters, and Monday through Thursday during summer session.

The Mathematics Learning Center is located on the second floor of Building 2 (CP02), Room 217.  Paraprofessional tutors are available to assist students enrolled in mathematics courses at Delgado. Videotapes and computer tutorials for most mathematics courses are available for student use at home or in the lab. The Center is open only when classes are in session. The phone number for the Center is (504) 671-6424.

The Hibernia Enrichment Center, located on the City Park Campus in Isaac Delgado Hall (Building 1, Room 108W), provides Delgado students with access to PCs, computer applications, and web-based instructional software to complete course assignments. The Center offers students a space to access the online management system and email, collaborate with other students or study individually, improve study skills, develop presentations, and obtain answers to basic technical questions. The Center is open Monday through Friday.

West Bank Campus

The West Bank Campus English Learning Resources Center is located in Building 1, Room 107. The Center provides a number of services, including tutoring in English, reading, and study skills; computers and instructional software; word processing programs and printers; and workshops on writing term papers. The computers are available to all students. The English Learning Resources Center is open Monday through Friday. The phone number for the Center is (504) 762-3131.

The West Bank Campus Math Tutoring Center is located in Building 1, Room 127. The Center offers tutoring in mathematics, assistance with the MyMathLab program, and use of textbooks, and computers. The Center is open Monday through Friday, including evenings, and on Saturday morning. The telephone number is (504) 762-3266.

Delgado Charity School of Nursing

The two Charity School of Nursing Computer Laboratories contain 100 computers and instructional software, word processing programs, and printers. The computer laboratories are available Monday through Friday.

The Charity Nursing Skills Laboratories are equipped with hospital beds, furnishings, and equipment arranged in simulated patient units. There are medical mannequins, models, and durable disposable equipment and supplies for students to practice and demonstrate nursing procedures. The laboratories are open Monday through Friday and weekends as needed.

The Charity School of Nursing Dr. J. Terence Kelly Human Patient Simulator Lab is equipped with computer-driven lifelike models that speak, breathe, have heartbeats and pulses, and respond to nursing interventions just as real humans would. This technology provides opportunities for students to use nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills in real-to-life scenarios.

Delgado Northshore - Slidell

Delgado Northshore - Slidell is home to a student learning center that offers tutoring services and learning resources. One-on-one tutoring is offered in English, reading, math, and biology. In addition to tutoring, students have access to a variety of resources including textbooks, study materials, 20 desktop computers, a printer, noise-canceling headphones, biology models, and a group study area. Beyond general tutoring services, the math section of the center serves as a classroom for students enrolled in flexible-scheduled classes. The flexible format fits students’ demanding schedules by allowing them to work required hours under instructor supervision with the support of tutors.