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2017 - 2018 Catalog 
2017 - 2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Experiential Educational Programs

In recognition of the importance of “on-the-job training” as part of the occupational and professional preparation of students, Delgado Community College offers four experiential educational programs: Apprenticeship Programs, Cooperative Educational Programs, Internships, and Practicum. These provide supervised work experience in the various curricula while granting academic credit according to the standards of the accrediting agencies. Students gain occupational experience to help prepare them for meaningful employment.

The programs offer the opportunity to:

  1. Learn outside the classroom where that knowledge is used in the work setting to develop skills and add meaning to studies.
  2. Explore, confirm, or modify career choices.
  3. Develop professional experience and contacts.
  4. Earn money while working.
  5. Receive academic credit toward a degree for work experience while attending school.


Culinary Arts, through its Chef Apprenticeship program, gives its students the best of culinary on-the-job experiences in the haute cuisine of New Orleans as well as Europe.

College Cooperative Education Program

College Cooperative Education is an educational plan in which paid employment is integrated into the college curriculum. The student works 200 hours during the entire semester. Students on scholastic probation are not eligible. Agreements involving the student, the college, and the employer must be confirmed prior to registering for a co-op course. Students must submit all required forms to the coordinator before credit may be awarded.


Internship programs help to orient students to the world of work, emphasize practical aspects of the business world, and provide closer liaison and cooperation among the student, college, and work environment.

Although this program is administered by the Business and Technology Division, it is open to qualified students in all divisions.


Supervised work experience is offered in several fields of study, including Care and Development of Young Children, Criminal Justice, and most Allied Health programs.