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2017 Fall Student Handbook 
2017 Fall Student Handbook [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Enrollment Steps

STEP 1: Submit admission application.

All admissions requirements  are due 30 days after the first day of school.
NOTE: Students applying for federal financial assistance must submit proof of high school graduation or provide all previous college transcripts before financial aid is processed.

Who: First-time freshmen, transfer, re-admit, and non-degree/non-certificate seeking (non-matriculating) students

How: Apply online at


STEP 2: Apply for financial assistance. 

Who: All students in need of assistance to pay tuition and fees

How: Apply online at and visit Delgado’s financial aid webpage and for additional information, if needed.

When: April 21, 2017 through  July 14, 2017 - All documents must be submitted by this date to be considered for an award letter and eligible for a bookstore voucher.


STEP 3:  Schedule and take appropriate placement test if applicable - $15 testing fee assessed.


  • First-time freshmen who score under an 18 in Math or English and under a 17 in Reading on the ACT or who have not taken the ACT.
  • Re-admit or transfer students who have not successfully completed developmental or college-level math and English courses with a grade of “C” or better within the last three years.


  • First-time freshmen: Complete online orientation first; at the end, you will receive a link to schedule a placement test. 
  • Re-admit or transfer students: Schedule your placement test online.

When: As soon as possible; placement tests are being given now and must be taken before students can register for classes. Students must be admitted before scheduling their placement test.   

STEP 4: Register for classes.

Who:  All students


  • First-time freshmen will be given a date and time for their advising session. During the advising session, students will register for their classes.
  • Re-admit, transfer, and continuing students schedule classes online at LoLA.

Note: Transfer and re-admit students must register in-person for classes that have corequisites or prerequisites. They must bring to advisors an official or unofficial copy of a transcript or grade reports from all institutions previously attended to register for courses requiring co-requisites or pre-requisites.

When: Starting March 20, 2017 for best selection of classes.

View our registration videos for help with scheduling classes.

You may also print this trial course schedule worksheet to help you schedule your classes.

STEP 5: Secure classes.

Schedules must be secured prior to the established due dates published in the Student Handbook or they are subject to being deleted for non-payment.

Who:     All students


  • Using financial aid: Students must have completed the entire financial aid process before financial aid can be used to secure classes.   All documents must be submitted by August 5, 2016 at 3 p.m. in person, or via LoLA by noon to be considered for an award letter and eligible for a bookstore credit. Any documentation submitted after this date will require an alternative payment method.
  • Self-Pay: Pay online through your LoLA account (credit card or electronic check) or visit the Bursar’s Office (cash, check, or money order only.)
  • Enrollment in an online payment plan (see Payment Options for more information).

STEP 6: Start right – prepare for your first day of school.

  • Get a parking decal - Register your vehicle online at Once your vehicle is registered, bring your car registration and license with you to the Bursar’s Office to purchase and pick up your decal. Parking decals must be purchased before the first day of the second week of school.  
  • Get Delgado ID card – ID card office on your campus - New students can receive their ID card 48 hours after securing classes. See Dolphin ID Card.
  • Learn how to use Delgado’s online resources – e-mail, Canvas, LoLA – (see Online Tools & Resources  for more information).
  • Purchase books* – in person at the bookstore; bring a copy of your schedule to ensure you purchase the correct books, or online

*Bookstore credits/vouchers are only available for financial aid recipients who have a negative balance on their account and are only available for a limited time: August 9 - 21, 2017.