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2020 - 2021 Catalog 
2020 - 2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


For 99 years, Delgado Community College has served the various educational needs of the New Orleans community. In 1909, a New Orleans businessman and philanthropist, Isaac Delgado, donated funds to establish a manual trades school for boys. Since Delgado’s opening in 1921 as a school for vocational education in the metal and woodworking trades, the school’s mission has changed dramatically. Today, the students are men and women of all ages who reflect the diversity of the New Orleans metropolitan area. Delgado is a comprehensive community college and a major institution of higher education in Louisiana. It is a center for professional and advanced technology career education, education in the arts and sciences, and traditional occupational education. From its original location on City Park Avenue in the heart of New Orleans, the College has expanded to numerous sites, including the West Bank Campus, and the historic Charity School of Nursing.


Delgado Community College is a diverse, dynamic, comprehensive community college committed to student success through innovative leadership, excellence in teaching and learning, and the cultural enrichment of the community it serves.

Core Values

At Delgado Community College, we value

  • The worth of each individual
  • Lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge
  • Excellence in teaching in an accessible, learning-centered environment
  • Meeting the needs of a changing workforce
  • The cultural diversity of our students, faculty, staff, and administration
  • Public trust, personal and professional integrity, and accountability
  • Our responsibility to community, state, nation, and world

Mission Statement

Delgado Community College, a comprehensive community college, offers programs through the Associate degree. The College provides a learning-centered environment through face-to-face and distance education to students from diverse backgrounds to attain their educational, career, and personal goals, to think critically, to demonstrate leadership and to be productive and responsible citizens.

Goals for 2017-2021

STRATEGIC GOAL I:  Student Success

Goal I-A          Create a Culture of Completion

I-A.1    Reduce barriers to student access to lifelong learning
I-A.2    Increase opportunities for concurrent and dual enrollment
I-A.3    Utilize articulation agreements as recruiting tools
I-A.4    Promote lifelong learning and provide career advancement strategies for students
I-A.5    Identify and address barriers to student completion

Goal I-B         Embrace Excellence in Teaching and Learning

I-B.1   Become a statewide leader in innovative developmental education
I-B.2   Enhance programs to ensure employability of graduates
I-B.3   Enhance programs to ensure meaningful transferability to four year institutions         
I-B.4   Embrace innovative, data-driven instructional design in all educational programs
I-B.5   Ensure professional development opportunities align with strategic priorities
I-B.6   Expand professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
I-B.7   Continue to strengthen access to instructional technology in all learning

Goal I-C         Ensure Student Success

I-C.1   Ensure that all members of the College community provide effective, quality services to our students
I-C.2   Expand advising resources to improve student access, persistence, and completion
I-C.3   Support the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan

STRATEGIC GOAL II: Community Engagement

Goal II-A         Develop the Emerging Workforce

II-A.1   Be a driving force for economic and workforce development
II-A.2   Because the College is an integral part of the community, recognize and encourage employee involvement and participation in the region
II-A.3   Strengthen existing and develop new relationships between industry partners, academic programs, and workforce initiatives
II-A.4   Develop innovative ways to deliver training, certification and educational programs in high demand occupations
II-A.5   Expand capacity in programs that lead to high demand occupations

Goal II-B         Create a Unified Vision

II-B.1   Craft a clear identity for the College and embed it within a comprehensive branding strategy
II-B.2   Highlight our institution’s successes to showcase progress and improvements
II-B.3   Develop a marketing and recruitment plan that includes a diverse group of both faculty and staff and develops rich relationships
II-B.4   Ensure facilities are safe and a good reflection of the College

STRATEGIC GOAL III:  Organizational Effectiveness

Goal III-A        Embrace Cultural Transformation

III-A.1 Optimize employee engagement
III-A.2 Develop and institute communication channels to internal stakeholders, ensuring that all are aware of activities and updates
III-A.3 Create a positive, supportive work environment for all
III-A.4 Promote a culture of collaboration among all members of the Delgado family

Goal III-B        Ensure Transparency, Efficiency, and Accountability

III-B.1   Review programs and curricula to ensure relevancy and viability
III-B.2   Acquire and utilize a student advising tracking system and degree audit program
III-B.3   Engage in strategic budget planning to align activities with strategic priorities
III-B.4   Build an internal communications structure
III-B.5   Create a communications system that allows for deeper and more meaningful relationships with external partners

Goal III-C        Ensure a Sustainable College

III-C.1 Allocate financial resources to align activities with strategic priorities
III-C.2 Design and implement a systematic approach to grants development and management
III-C.3 Cultivate a financial aid process that reduces barriers to federal, state, and private student funding
III-C.4 Create and implement a targeted fund development plan
III-C.5 Develop and implement a capital campaign for the College
III-C.6  Building on the comprehensive facilities utilization plan, develop a proactive facilities maintenance schedule