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2023 - 2024 Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Catalog

College-Wide Resources

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of Delgado was organized and officially chartered in 1972. The affairs of the association are handled by a board of directors, which elects its own officers.

The purpose of the Alumni Association, as stated in its charter, is to promote the educational, physical, and athletic growth of the College, and to preserve and strengthen the bonds of friendship existing among former students, and between them and the College.

Membership is open to graduates and friends of the College who help to develop the College. The Alumni Board may also confer honorary membership on others who are interested in furthering the development of the College.

Answer Center

The Answer Center is a central source of admissions and enrollment services for students. Services include general information on registration, advising, testing, financial assistance, admissions, and navigating LoLA (Delgado’s online student portal). The Center also provides students with direct referrals to other offices and services throughout the College.

Each Answer Center includes a Welcome Desk, which is responsible for welcoming all guests, assessing the students’ needs, providing general information about the College, and referring students to various student affairs departments. For entry to each Answer Center, the College uses Qless. Our Welcome Desk staff can add you to the service queue or you can join by using a computer or smart phone. Learn more here.


The College, through Barnes & Noble, maintains a bookstore on the City Park and West Bank Campuses and online as a service to students, faculty, and staff. Textbooks, school supplies, and other course-related materials are available, as well as clothing, gift items, and snacks.

Career Services

The Career Services office provides students with individual and group career guidance and advice on beginning a specific job search. We can also organize resumes and give directions on preparing for upcoming interviews. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of all the resources and services we have to offer. Career Services focuses on:

Career Exploration: Delgado Community College has partnered with Focus 2 Career to provide FREE Career Exploration sessions with a comprehensive career guide that individuals enjoy using. Focus 2 Career will help guide you through a reliable, intuitive career and education decision making model that can assist you in choosing a college major, explore occupations, and make informed career decisions.

Job Placement Assistance: The Delgado Community College Career Services office provides a database of full-time and part-time employment opportunities for students and alumni, as well as providing assistance creating or updating a resume through our online job board, Handshake.

Workshops: Workshops are provided by the Career Services office upon invitation of individual departments on campus. Topics include Job Search Techniques, Dress for Success, Professionalism in the Workplace, Resume Writing, and Interviewing Techniques.

The Gail T. Jones Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Technology (CATT)

The Gail T. Jones Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Technology (CATT) was established to address the technology integration needs of Delgado’s academic community. The purpose of the CATT is to provide technology, training sessions and development activities to students, faculty and staff. The Center is located in Building 6, Room 103 on the City Park Campus, and houses the student open computer laboratory.

Communications and Marketing

The Communications and Marketing Office facilitates communication between Delgado Community College and its stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community at large. The Office issues news and information to the media, responds to requests from journalists, and plans and implements all advertising and marketing campaigns. The Office also coordinates the design and production of the website and all college-wide promotional literature. Major activities include communications planning and professional writing, editing, and photographic services, and coordinating publicity, advertising, and marketing campaigns.

Dolphin Card

The Dolphin Card is the official photo identification card of Delgado Community College, as well as a multifunctional purchasing and access card. The Dolphin Card is valid for as long as the student is enrolled in classes at Delgado. Effective Spring 2017 Semester, $5 is available on each student’s Dolphin Card account no later than the first day of class for free printing at all libraries and computer labs.

If the student chooses to deposit additional money to his/her Dolphin Card, the student will be able to purchase food, beverages, vending items, and merchandise, where available, and copies at libraries and computer labs, all with a swipe of the Dolphin Card. All deposited funds are available to the student as needed; however, refunds are not issued under any circumstances.

First Year Experience

First Year Experience’s mission is to foster social relationships among our first-time freshmen (FTF), ensure that FTF identify their education and career goals, help students build social capital to navigate campus, improve polices and processes, and access material support and connections to services that promote student persistence. The center accomplishes this mission by providing the following services:

  • First-time freshmen Purpose First On-boarding including career exploration, orientation, and Start Right events
  • Navigate FTF through their first year (advising and connecting students with supports needed to succeed)
  • Offer events and workshop series that support the current CCSS course
  • Sponsor and support divisional career fairs
  • Promote and work with the College Success Skills faculty and course to ensure students transition seamlessly among the groups
  • Career services by appointment
    • Handshake training (online career platform, connecting students and alumni to employers, job opportunities, career events, and career resources)
    • Resume review
    • Career Closet

Health Services

The Office of Health Services is dedicated to providing quality emergency medical services to the Delgado community with a special attention to the concerns of our diverse, commuter-based student body. Health Services offers a fully equipped and nationally registered EMT-Paramedic, who responds to all medical incidents and emergencies involving students, faculty, or staff members on campus.

Health Services is also available for general wellness check-ups, blood pressure and blood glucose screenings, and basic first aid. Any student in need of additional treatment or the services of a physician is referred to a local hospital, doctor’s office, or community-based clinic in the surrounding area where services are available.

To contribute to the educational experience, the Office of Health Services offers a variety of quality health and wellness activities, sponsors annual health fairs college wide, provides alcohol and drug prevent programs, and offers a list of community-based facilities where additional types of health-related services can be obtained.

Instructional Technology, Support, and Professional Development

Instructional Technology, Support, and Professional Development (ITSPD) supports faculty, staff, and administrators in a quest for excellence in teaching and learning. ITSPD facilitates classroom instruction through the use of implementation and support of multimedia technology.

Libraries and Learning Resources

Libraries / Learning Resources  

Miscellaneous Services

The College offers its facilities and parking areas for special events to the community at large. Arrangements may be made through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs.

Recruitment and Outreach

The Office of Recruitment and Outreach provides information about the College to a wide variety of populations, such as high school groups, new students, adults, returning students, and community-based organizations. This office handles career days, college nights, high school visits, information booths across the community, and many other Delgado recruitment activities within the Greater New Orleans area. It offers group and individual tours of the College by appointment. Visit our webpage to see what we have planned today!

Student Accessibility Services

Delgado Community College provides academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to qualified students. It is the general policy of Delgado to ensure equal opportunity for all qualified persons. Reasonable accommodations for qualified persons with disabilities will be made, provided that the students have self-identified with the Office of Student Accessibility Services on their campus/site and have provided required documentation. Individual instructors will modify the methods, requirements, and procedures of courses and examinations appropriately to accommodate the special needs of students with disabilities, provided that the academic integrity of the course or examination is not violated, and the health and welfare of all students are safeguarded.

Students who need special support services are advised to see the Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services for their campus/site: Building 2, Room 102W on the City Park Campus and Larocca Hall, Room 145 on the West Bank Campus or call (504) 762-3191. Students enrolled at the Delgado Sidney Collier in New Orleans East should contact the City Park Campus office at (504) 671-5161. 

Student Engagement Counselors (SECs)

Student Engagement Counselors (SECs) offer students learning opportunities to help them overcome academic, cultural, economic, and social barriers, throughout their freshman year. This is done to ensure that students stay enrolled and ultimately graduate. SECs provide services to help students create realistic goals and map out how they can reach them. They also collaborate with other offices like Single Stop, our enrollment and advising teams, and the Answer Center to ensure students are getting the information and resources they need to be successful.

Student Life: Building a Social Network

Students can get started building a social and professional network through Student Life. This can lead to building a better future. The Office of Student Life offers student organizations and student-driven activities that can enhance student life skills as well as provide networking opportunities with professionals in the field of study. More information is available here.


The Testing Office administers a wide range of academic and professional tests such as the Accuplacer Next Generation Placement Test, which is an option used for initial class placement in English, math and reading at Delgado; the HiSET Exam for those seeking to earn a high school equivalency certificate; and the Kaplan Exam for students seeking admission to the Delgado Nursing and Surgical Technology programs. Other tests administered in the Testing Office include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Ability to Benefit Test
  • The ESL Proficiency Exam
  • CLEP Exams
  • The ACT National Exam
  • American Council on Exercise Certification Exams

The Testing Office is located in Building 2, Room 302 on the City Park Campus. At the West Bank Campus, the Testing Office is located in Building 3, Room 303. The Testing Office also offers an array of programs to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and industry. The Testing Office offers extensive certification and competency tests and also offers services through Castle Worldwide, Inc., and PSI Inc., which include certification and licensure testing, workplace assessments, continuing education, skill-specific training, and educational and career guidance.

The Testing Office offers students, faculty, staff, businesses, and the community the opportunity to assess their work skills using the ACT WorkKeys assessments. The nine subject areas include Applied Mathematics, Applied Technology, Business Writing, Listening, Locating Information, Observation, Reading for Information, Teamwork, and Writing. The nine subject areas directly relate to employment skills levels. Students or job seekers may receive a Louisiana Work Ready Certificate indicating that they have met the basic score on the WorkKeys core assessments, which are Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. The WorkKeys Certificate exemplifies to employers quality performance on the job. One or all the assessments may be helpful in evaluating one’s job skills. The ACT WorkKeys assessments are available by appointment. A fee may be required.

Test proctoring services are available for community members. Correspondence course exams, both written and Internet-based, are administered. Appointments are required to schedule. An hourly fee is charged for non-Delgado students.

The Testing Office in coordination with the Office of Disability Services offers testing with reasonable ADA, IDEA, 504, and Rehabilitation Act (1973) Accommodations. To receive special testing accommodation the student must do the following:

  • Self-identify and sign up for the services through the Office of Disability Services;
  • Provide appropriate, current documentation of the disability/disabilities and accommodations; and
  • Schedule a test appointment with approved accommodation(s) in advance.

The Testing Office welcomes students, faculty, alumni, community members, and businesses to contact us regarding our services.

City Park Campus
Delgado Community College
Center for New Student Engagement and Transition
Testing Center
615 City Park Avenue
Building 2, Room 302
New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: (504) 671-5080 or (504) 671-5086
Fax: (504) 483-4361

West Bank Campus
Delgado Community College
Center for New Student Engagement and Transition
Testing Center
2600 General Meyer Avenue
Building 3, Room 303
New Orleans, LA 70114
Phone: (504) 762-3198

Veteran’s Educational Benefits Assistance

CNSET houses Veterans Affairs Advisors who strive to provide quality service to students at Delgado who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Services extend to the dependents of veterans as well. Delgado’s Veterans Affairs Advisors serve as certifying officials who act as liaisons between the Department of Veterans Affairs and veteran students. This service involves assisting with a variety of processing and information needs, such as documentation requirements, correspondence, and the certification of benefits.

Veterans Upward Bound Program

The Veterans Upward Bound is a free program designed to assist honorably discharged veterans in continuing their education. The Veterans Upward Bound Program includes a Pre-College Refresher Program for veterans who wish to attend college or receive special training. The program offers career, academic, and financial aid counseling, workshops, assistance in college enrollment, and class instruction. Enrollment is limited to allow time for personalized instruction. Additional information can be obtained by calling (504) 671-5606 (City Park Campus).