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2012 - 2013 Catalog 
2012 - 2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Mission Statement


Mission Statement


For 90 years, Delgado has served the various educational needs of the New Orleans community. In 1909, a New Orleans businessman and philanthropist, Isaac Delgado, donated funds to establish a manual trades school for boys. Since Delgado’s opening in 1921 as a school for vocational education in the metal and woodworking trades, the school’s mission has changed dramatically. Today, the students are men and women of all ages who reflect the diversity of the New Orleans metropolitan area. Delgado is a comprehensive community college and a major institution of higher education in the State of Louisiana. It is a center for professional and advanced technology career education, education in the arts and sciences, and traditional occupational education. From its original location on City Park Avenue, in the heart of New Orleans, the College has expanded to numerous sites, including the West Bank Campus, the historic Charity School of Nursing, and the Northshore.


Delgado Community College is a diverse, dynamic, comprehensive community college committed to student success through innovative leadership, excellence in teaching and learning, and the cultural enrichment of the community it serves.

Core Values

At Delgado Community College, we value

  • The worth of each individual
  • Lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge
  • Excellence in teaching in an accessible, learning-centered environment
  • Meeting the needs of a changing workforce
  • The cultural diversity of our students, faculty, staff, and administration
  • Public trust, personal and professional integrity, and accountability
  • Our responsibility to community, state, nation, and world

Mission Statement

Delgado Community College provides a learning-centered environment in which to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to attain their educational, career, and personal goals, to think critically, to demonstrate leadership, and to be productive and responsible citizens.

Goals for 2011-2016

STRATEGIC GOAL I: Increase Opportunities for Student Access and Success

Goal I-A Invest in lifelong learning

I-A.1 Provide innovative opportunities for high school students in dual enrollment/concurrent enrollment programs
I-A.2 Increase access for underserved students
I-A.3 Expand advising to focus on student access, success and retention
I-A.4 Strengthen general education offerings for increased transferability and articulation
I-A.5 Enhance programs to ensure employability of graduates
I-A.6 Develop initiatives to expand delivery of lifelong learning/continuing education programs

Goal I-B Explore and implement innovative developmental education models

I-B.1 Assess and improve internal developmental education models
I-B.2 Strengthen developmental education relationships with regional partners
I-B.3 Become a statewide leader in innovative developmental education

Goal I-C Develop non-traditional teaching models

I-C.1 Evaluate and expand the College’s Quality Enhancement Program
I-C.2 Research and develop other nontraditional teaching models

STRATEGIC GOAL II: Ensure Quality and Accountability

Goal II-A Synchronize financial planning

II-A.1 Align budget planning process to balance budget with strategic priorities
II-A.2 Efficient and effective use of financial resources
II-A.3 Create and implement targeted fund development

Goal II-B Become a leading technological institution

II-B.1 Develop a comprehensive information technology plan involving major internal and external College stakeholders in prioritization process
II-B.1 Implement comprehensive information technology plan
II-B.3 Integrate and strengthen advanced instructional technology in teaching- learning paradigm
Goal II-C Promote efficient and safe learning and working environment

II-C.1 Develop a comprehensive facilities utilization plan involving major internal and external college stakeholders in prioritization process
II-C.2 Implement comprehensive facilities utilization plan
II-C.3 Implement a comprehensive safety program engaging entire College community

Goal II-D Enhance utilization of faculty and staff resources

II-D.1 Ensure faculty and staff performance measures reflect institutional needs, teaching/learning paradigm and accreditation standards
II-D.2 Align training in technology and professional development opportunities with strategic priorities

STRATEGIC GOAL III: Promote the institution’s competitiveness ensuring relevance on a regional, national and global scale

Goal III-A Lead workforce and economic development in the region

III-A.1 Enhance relationships with regional partners to strengthen workforce initiatives
III-A.2 Expand training, certification and educational programs in high demand occupations

Goal III-B Define and articulate a clearer identity for the College

III-B.1 Create a comprehensive branding strategy for the College that capitalizes on the uniqueness of each campus and site by involving major internal and external stakeholders in the process
III-B.2 Implement a comprehensive branding strategy

Goal III-C Strengthen and increase resource development efforts

III-C.1 Secure partnerships for new fund development opportunities
III-C.2 Develop and implement a capital campaign for the College
III-C.3 Design and implement a systematic approach to grants development and management