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2013 - 2014 Catalog 
2013 - 2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Performance and Media Arts, A.A.


Note: This program has submitted a request for curriculum redesign/termination.  At the time of publication, final approval of this request remains in process.  Please contact the Division of Arts & Humanities for assistance.

The Associate of Arts degree in Performance and Media Arts offers concentrations in Theatre Arts, Speech Communication, Television Production, Print/Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations. The curricula in all five concentrations are integrated to provide an interrelated performance and media arts education. All five concentrations are designed for transfer to four-year institutions. Only one concentration may be used for a degree.

Print/Broadcast Journalism Concentration
The Print/Broadcast Journalism concentration focuses on building good writing and reporting skills combined with practical experience in newspaper editing and advanced reporting on the student newspaper, The Dolphin, as well as internships in print or broadcast journalism settings. This concentration prepares students for a variety of opportunities in any field that requires strong writing skills: public relations, print (newspapers and magazines), broadcasting (radio and television), advertising, or business and technical writing.

Public Relations Concentration
The Public Relations Concentration is designed to explore the varied aspects of the customer/public relations industry. Students focus on written and oral communication skills-including interpersonal skills, presentation skills, writing and submitting press releases, media relations, and customer service. This concentration is designed to accommodate both the student wishing to seek employment upon receiving the Associate of Arts degree and the student wishing to transfer to a four-year institution.

Speech Communication Concentration
Students who elect the Speech Communication concentration will have the opportunity to take such courses as public speaking, rhetoric, persuasion, interpersonal communication, and performance communication. Delgado graduates in the Speech Communication concentration may find employment in law enforcement, governmental affairs, customer relations, sales, social services, or any position that requires communication skills.

Television Production Concentration
The Television Production concentration explores the varied aspects of the television industry. Courses include television production process, studio production/direction, editing and post production, field production, scriptwriting, and corporate and organizational television. Students will gain hands-on experience through television and video production projects in the City Park Campus studio or in internships with local television stations.

Theatre Arts Concentration
The Theatre Arts concentration is designed to develop and promote communication skills, creativity, and self-expression through the study and appreciation of various aspects of the theatre. Students may eventually enter careers in the performing arts fields of acting, management, design, production, or education.

NOTE: A student may earn a degree in only one of these concentrations.


See Graduation Requirements .

Students planning to pursue a baccalaureate program should contact that receiving institution for determination of course transferability. A listing of Delgado courses can be found by following this link: Transfer List