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2018 - 2019 Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement

Delgado’s Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement seeks to enhance the quality of life for all by providing educational programs and services that promote personal, professional, and economic development in the greater New Orleans area. 

Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement is designed to provide educational programs to meet the needs of business and industry, to administer customer-driven assessment and training programs as an inducement to secure new value-added businesses to our region, to respond to permanent closures and layoffs, as well as to provide existing businesses with the necessary training for expansion. This unit serves as a forecasting mechanism for industry growth by providing leadership to the business community in identifying and training for emerging workforce trends and technologies. Through these comprehensive initiatives, Delgado’s Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement approach allows employers to retrain, upgrade, and attract a skilled workforce pool to our region.

Through targeted outreach and by utilizing a variety of traditional and non-traditional delivery systems, Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement provides flexible educational services, including continuing education, professional development, and customized training for business, industry, and governmental agencies. Delgado’s Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement provides programs and services such as the following:

  • Customized Training
  • Short-Term, Compressed Courses
  • Industry-Based Certification Training
  • Continuing Education and Professional Development
  • Incumbent Worker Training Programs
  • Educational Community Outreach Programs
  • Competency-Based Training

Courses and training are offered at the Delgado City Park and West Bank Campuses, the Maritime and Industrial Training Center, Delgado Sidney Collier Site in New Orleans East, Delgado Jefferson Site, and the Jefferson Business and Career Solutions Center in Gretna.

Maritime and Industrial Training Center

The new 18,600 sq. ft. Maritime and Industrial Training Center is a state-of-the-art U.S. Coast Guard-approved facility. The Center, located at 13200 Old Gentilly Road in New Orleans, La., is directly adjacent to our 3.3-acre industrial complex and fire field that has been servicing the maritime and industrial sectors since 1978. This Center is a one-stop shop for all areas of training, providing industry-based certification courses in a variety of Marine and Industrial Fire Fighting, Safety, Marine Engineering, and Radar Navigation. The main thrust of the center’s business is Domestic Inland Waterways, Petrochemical, and Offshore Oil and Gas. The facility was designed to accommodate the needs of corporate clients and provide adult learners with an effective educational environment. 

The Center houses a Simulator Suite comprised of three interactive Full Mission Bridge simulators, with a simulation so realistic, it can actually make trainees seasick. Simulators are designed with the most updated equipment available in the world today, including Z-Drive controls. Training is offered for maritime personnel in the region and can be applied to personnel on vessels in waterways around the world.

The Delgado Maritime and Industrial Training Center offers a variety of U.S. Coast Guard-approved courses, allowing for professional certifications in many areas. Additionally, we are able to design comprehensive, customized training for companies in the maritime industry.

One of the newest and most exciting offerings is Virtual Reality Incident Command Training that provides exercises for crisis professionals at a tactical and strategic level. This flexible simulation program allows the instructor to develop scenarios to meet specific company needs, and the instructor controls the level of emergency in the scenario. The software is used to practice the logistical aspects of contingency planning across the entire emergency services chain, with the objective of seeing how participants working together, in any given scenario, deal with the efficient deployment of resources.

For more information call (504) 671-6620, or visit Maritime and Industrial Training website.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

The Continuing Education department was established in 1979 to make education more accessible to the public and to meet community needs that are not served by traditional college programs. Although the department has been known by other names (e.g., Community Campus), the purpose has remained the same: to offer lifelong learning opportunities for students seeking professional development and/or personal enrichment. The course catalog changes continuously to reflect the ever-evolving needs of the individuals and businesses throughout the region, and classes are designed with varying educational backgrounds and goals in mind. Continuing Education classes begin on a staggered schedule throughout each semester.

Current course categories include 2D Graphics; Computer and Office Skills; Food and Beverage; Healthcare; History; Languages and Communication; Photography; Professional Tour Guiding; Youth Programs and Camps; and more.

For more information, visit the Continuing Education website, call (504) 671-6474, or email

Community and Economic Development

The Community and Economic Development (C&ED) department is the intersection of economic growth, workforce, and community investments. C&ED engages business and industry, government, philanthropic entities, non-profits, and other community stakeholders by leveraging Delgado’s institutional commitment to providing education and training opportunities to meet the unique needs of industry. C&ED programs also extend to youth through mentorship, training, career explorations, and summer employment initiatives. Programmatic initiatives include the following:

Business, Industry, and Corporate Customized Training 

Community and Economic Development’s customized training provides the opportunity for organizations to receive specialized training solutions to fulfill their specific development needs. C&ED assesses the learning needs of employees and prepares a prescribed instructional design and delivery strategy. The goal is to create customized content that will leave employees empowered with enhanced skill sets, thereby increasing productivity and driving revenue growth. Services available include the following:

  • Organizational needs assessment
  • Custom training development, design, and delivery
  • Testing and Assessments - Basic Academic Skills, Career, and Occupational Skills
  • Consulting
  • Training delivery via lecture, online, or any combination
  • Incumbent Worker Training Grants

For more information, call (504) 671-6733.

Skilled Crafts Training Program (non-credit) 

Community and Economic Development offers industry-certified, accelerated, and accessible high-demand occupational training programs in Electrical, Welding, Pipefitting, NCCER Core Plus, OSHA 10, and Construction Site Safety Training (CSST), which lead job seekers to sustainable careers. For more information, call (504) 671-6733.

Community-Based Workforce Training Initiatives   

In response to the need for workforce training in the Greater New Orleans Area, the W.I.A., Y.O.S.T., and Intensive Services programs promote economic independence, self-respect, and confidence. These programs provide training in an environment that is student-oriented and instruction that utilizes innovative technology. For more information, call (504) 671-6733.

Occupational Skills Training (Y.O.S.T.) - Jefferson Parish Workforce Development Board

The Y.O.S.T. program provides free training for eligible youth (ages 18 to 24) in Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Electrician, Industrial Maintenance, and Machinist. For more information, call (504) 671-6749.

Career Services* - Jefferson Parish Workforce Development Board 

The Intensive Services program provides a learning-centered environment to prepare students to attain educational, career, and personal goals. These services are provided through academics and skills assessments, classes, and workshops based on the needs of each participant. Classes and workshops are offered to assist students in résumé writing, business etiquette, business office support, customer service, and computer training. For more information call (504) 361-6542.

*Note: Students must be referred by an American Job Center Career Advisor in order to receive these services.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses helps small businesses create jobs and economic opportunity by providing entrepreneurs with greater access to business education, financial capital, and business support services. Small business owners gain practical business knowledge and skills that can be put to work immediately, such as contract negotiation, marketing, accounting, and people management.

Small business owners selected for the program attend a highly practical 11-session business management education program that meets at Delgado Community College. Participants also commit six to eight hours per week for out-of-class activities geared toward their business. The benefits of the program include the following:

  • Practical Business Education: Learn practical and immediately applicable skills to grow businesses.
  • Business Support Services: Receive one-on-one business advising to help develop a strategic and tailored plan for growth.
  • Potential Capital to Expand: Acquire opportunities and tools to position businesses to access capital.
  • Network of Support: Gain access to a team of entrepreneurs (nationally and locally) with similar experiences and challenges.
  • Alumni Services: Obtain opportunities to participate in business services and networking events after completing the program.

The program at Delgado Community College is designed for owners of small businesses who

  • Generate minimum revenues of $150,000 per year
  • Have been in business for at least two years
  • Employ at least four people, including themselves (full- or part-time)
  • Operate a scalable business with potential for growth

Delgado Community College staff members are available to assist with the application process. For more information, visit, call (504) 671-5555, or email

Incumbent Worker Training Program   

The Incumbent Worker Training Program provides grant funding for customized training to benefit business and industry by assisting in the skills development of existing employees. Through this client-driven training, organizations are able to effectively upgrade and retain their current workforce and create new opportunities, thereby enhancing economic development in the region and the state. Workforce Development and Technical Education’s collaborative efforts in Incumbent Worker Training provide a viable relationship among business, government, and Delgado to ensure a properly trained workforce and the opportunity for career advancement. The Incumbent Worker Training Program was introduced in 1999 when Delgado’s Workforce Development and Technical Education unit received approximately $1 million in grant funding. The Workforce Development and Technical Education unit, on behalf of Delgado Community College, has received over $31 million in grant funding, provided training for over 51 businesses, and trained over 18,000 employees. The program is funded by a portion of Louisiana’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax contributions; therefore, employers are eligible to apply if they have been contributing to the state’s UI taxes.

For more information, contact Delgado’s Maritime and Industrial Training Center at (504) 671-6680 or Community and Economic Development at (504) 671-6733.