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2018 - 2019 Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]


Chancellor’s Office

Joan Y. Davis, J.D. Chancellor
Traci Smothers, M.B.A. Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, EAEO/ADA Compliance Officer, Title IX Coordinator
Thomas Lovince, M.A.T. Assistant Vice Chancellor/Chief Information Officer


Business and Administrative Affairs

Ralph W. Johnson, M.B.A. Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs
Ronald Russo, M.B.A. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Financial Services
James Royer Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities and Planning
Garnette Listi, C.P.A. Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller
Carla Major, PHR Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Edwin Compass, III Director, Campus Police


Academic Affairs

Peter Fos, Ph.D, D.D.S., M.P.H. Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and College Provost
Emily Cosper, M.A. Dean, Communication
Harold Gaspard, B.A. Dean, Allied Health
Mostofa Sarwar, Ph.D., M.S., M.Sc. Dean, Science and Mathematics
Jeanne Samuel, Ph.D. Dean, Distance Learning and Instructional Technology
Patrice Moore, M.A. Dean, Arts and Humanities
Warren Puneky Jr., J.D. Dean, Business and Technology
Timothy Stamm, M.F.A., M.L.I.S. Dean, Library Services/Executive Director of Curriculum and Program Development
Brian Auriti, M.L.I.S. Research Manager, Institutional Research
Maria Cisneros, M.B.A. College Registrar


Student Affairs

Arnel Cosey, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Gwen Boutte, M.A. Director, Admissions and Enrollment Services
Vacant Director, Student Support Services
Tania Carradine, M.S. Director, Advising and Testing
Michelle Greco, M.B.A. Director, Enrollment Management
Joseph Scheuermann Director, Athletics
Mark Simms Director, Veterans Upward Bound Program
Gilda Ebanks, M.S.W. Director, Single Stop
Theresa Degruy, Ph.D. Assistant to the Executive Dean


Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement

Arlanda Williams, M.P.A. Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development and Institutional Advacement
Lauren King Director, Community and Economic Development
Rick Schwab Senior Director, Maritime and Industrial Training Center
Kiedra M. Williams, M.Ed. Director, Technical Programs
Edgar Van Avery Executive Director, Advanced Manufacturing


Emeritus Administrators

C.B. Lum Ellis, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Affairs, Emeritus
Raymond J. Garrity, Ed.D. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and College Provost, Emeritus
Katherine H. Sippola, Ph.D.* Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs and College Provost, Emeritus


City Park Campus

Arnel Cosey, Ph.D. Executive Dean
Theresa Degruy, Ph.D. Assistant to the Executive Dean


West Bank Campus

Peter Cho, Ph.D. Executive Dean
Danielle Shoemake-Isaac Assistant to the Executive Dean


Delgado Jefferson Site

Arlanda Williams, M.P.A. Vice Chancellor, Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement; Dean, Technical Education
Lesha Coulon, M.A. Assistant Dean/Site Manager - Delgado Jefferson Site


Delgado Charity School of Nursing 

Cheryl Myers, Ph.D., R.N.   Executive Dean/Dean of Nursing
Deborah Skevington, Ph.D., R.N.   Assistant Dean
Stacey Thompson, M.A.   Assistant to the Executive Dean


Delgado Sidney Collier Site

Tamika Duplessis, Ph.D Executive Dean, Sidney Collier
Nicole Johnson Assistant to the Executive Dean


* Deceased

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