May 21, 2022  
2019 Fall Student Handbook 
2019 Fall Student Handbook [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Testing Information

Delgado Community College requires placement assessment for potential students who have not taken the ACT test within the past three years, or who do not have sufficient ACT scores for class placement. All limited English proficiency students (students whose native language is a language other English or who come from an environment where a language other than English is dominant) must take the ESL Assessment.

There is a $15 non-refundable fee ($40 for non-Delgado students) to take either assessment.

To attend a testing session, students must

Placement Assessment

The Testing Center administers a standardized placement assessment, the College Board ACCUPLACER Next Generation Test. Applicants will not be refused admission to the college because of assessment scores. Scores are valid for three years and are used for academic advising and placement only. View sample questions and download the free Official ACCUPLACER Study App.

Who needs this placement assessment?

First Time Freshman who did not attain at least the following sub-scores on the ACT test within the past three years:

  • English: 15
  • Math: 14
  • Reading: 17

Transfer or Re-Admit students who did not attain at least the above sub-scores on the ACT test within the past three years or did not complete an English or Math class from their previous institution. Transfer and Re-Admit students should verify the necessity to complete the placement test with the Academic Advisor associated with their program/academic division.

The following Technical Division programs do not require placement assessment:

  • Barber Stylist, T.D.
  • Carpentry, C.T.S.
  • Certified HVAC Technician, C.T.S.
  • Cosmetology, T.D.
  • Commercial Electrician, C.T.S.
  • Precision Machining, C.T.S.
  • Residential Electrician, C.T.S.
  • Small Industrial Electrician, C.T.S.
  • Welding, C.T.S. programs

If you have copies of your ACT scores, bring them on assessment day. Each testing session lasts approximately two and a half hours. ACT and placement scores are valid for three years. Use the ACT test score table below to determine which placement test, if any, you will be required to take. Students are allowed to combine multiple ACT scores.

Subject Score Do I have to take a placement test?
English 1 - 14 Yes
  15+ No*
Math 1 - 13 Yes
  14+ No**
Reading 1 - 16 Yes
  17 or higher No

* An English ACT score of 15–17 qualifies students to take Delgado’s ENGL 110, an intensive five credit hour college composition course that is equivalent to ENGL 101. An English ACT score of 18, combined with exemption from developmental reading, places a student directly into ENGL 101—English Composition I.​

** A Math ACT score of 14–16 qualifies students to take Delgado’s MATH 098—Algebra Foundations I, while a score of 17–19 qualifies students for Delgado’s MATH 099—Algebra Foundations II. A Math ACT Score of 19–21 qualifies students to enroll in MATH 120—Contemporary Math or MATH 128—Applied Algebra. Students wishing to enroll in MATH 130 – College Algebra, must have a Math ACT score of at least 22. Please contact the testing office at your location for more information.

Placement tests are designed to determine levels of proficiency in the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Students who demonstrate a need for basic skills development will be advised into the appropriate developmental studies course(s.) This is to help build the skills necessary for success in college level classes.

Items to Bring to the Test

  • Current government issued photo ID
  • Assessment admit slip

Please arrive 15 minutes before test time to check in. First-time freshmen should prepare to stay four to five hours if they choose to complete testing, advising, and registration on the same day. 

ESL English Proficiency Exam

All limited English proficiency students (students whose native language is a language other English or who come from an environment where a language other than English is dominant) must take the ESL Assessment. The results are valid for one year only. The ESL assessment consists of four Internet based assessments and a handwritten composition that is in English only. The ESL assessment will determine the student’s level of English proficiency in four areas: reading, composition, grammar, and listening. Scores on this assessment will help advisors in the ESL department determine students’ placement in ESL, if necessary. Students who demonstrate English proficiency may place into English 101. Study guides are available in Delgado’s testing centers.

ESL students taking the assessment must:

  1. Schedule an assessment online.
  2. Bring a photo ID to the assessment.
  3. Bring two #2 pencils to the assessment.

ESL students do not attend first-time freshman advising and registration sessions. First-time ESL students will meet with their advisors to receive their test scores and register by appointment. 

Important Testing Guidelines

No personal items, including but not limited to, mobile phones, hand-held computers/personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices, pagers, smart watches, purses, firearms or other weapons, hats (and other non-religious head coverings), bags, books, and/or notes are allowed in the testing rooms. You must store all personal items in a secure area as indicated by the Testing Center staff or return them to your vehicle. If you refuse to store your personal items, you will be unable to test. Please bring appropriate forms of identification for the test you are taking.

No cell phones, food, drinks, or other electronic devices are allowed in the testing rooms. 


City Park Campus, 615 City Park Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119
Student Services Center, Building 2, Room 302
(504) 671-5080 / 5086                      

West Bank Campus, 2600 General Meyer Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70114 
Larocca Hall, Room 303                                   
(504) 762-3198

Delgado River City Site, 709 Churchill Parkway, Avondale, LA 70094
Building A, Room 238
(504) 342-3412

Delgado Sidney Collier Site, 3727 Louisa Street,  New Orleans, LA 70126
Building 3, Room 117A
(504) 941-8526

How to Use RegisterBlast to Schedule the Placement Assessment

  1. Go to
  2. Select Student Services
  3. Select Testing
  4. Select Delgado Placement Assessment
  5. Read the information.
  6. Under “How do I check available dates and sign up for the Delgado Placement Assessment” select your home campus
  7. Under “Choose a group,” use the drop-down box and select “Accuplacer”
  8. Under “Choose an exam,” use the drop-down box and choose “Placement Assessment” for your semester/term of entry
  9. Choose your date and time
  10. Fill out the required information
  11. Read and agree to the exam guidelines
  12. Select Add to cart
  13. Pay for your exam
  14. You will receive an email confirmation/reminder

Additional Online Course and Testing Requirements

Notification of Charges for Online Course and Testing Requirements

Delgado online classes may require proctored (supervised) exams or learning activities associated with verification of the student’s identity. Online students may have the option to go to a Delgado Community College campus/site or to a convenient off-campus location as approved by the instructor.  Some courses require use of technology and a proctored testing software or service where additional fees may be assessed. Online proctoring charges are approximately $17.50 per one-hour exams for courses in which online monitoring is required. However, the above proctoring rate is only an estimate as course and testing requirements for online courses vary. Delgado students are responsible for checking with the instructor before the online course begins to ensure that the projected additional costs and the student’s schedule and location enable successful completion of all course requirements. 

For more information, see Distance Learning and Instructional Technology Student FAQs.