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2010 - 2011 Catalog (Amended) 
2010 - 2011 Catalog (Amended) [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

General Education Characteristics


A Delgado Graduate Will Have:

A general understanding of the English language.

The ability to describe, report, order and analyze facts and opinions.

The ability to distinguish between facts and opinions, to synthesize facts and opinions, and to think critically.

The ability to compose and express a series of related thoughts, unified in content and coherent in language.

A general understanding of computational methods.

The ability to manipulate mathematical language above the basic computational level.

The ability to organize information and to recognize patterns among different phenomena.

An understanding of the importance of logic and self-discipline in solving problems.

A general understanding of the physical world.

An understanding of at least one branch of the natural sciences.

The ability to follow the sequential steps necessary to analyze and solve a problem.

The ability to recognize when the absence of data impedes the formation of a sound conclusion.

A general understanding of the social and individual behavior of human beings.

The ability to analyze a social issue.

The ability to formulate analytical questions about behavior.

The ability to recognize that insufficient data can impede judgment.

The ability to locate sources for data.

An understanding of at least one of the basic disciplines in the social sciences and how its principles and theories are applied to an understanding of human behavior.

A general understanding of how selected essential works of the human imagination and intellect improve the ability to comprehend human experience.

Insight into human experience in other places and at other times.

The ability to reflect on experience, beliefs, and values.

An understanding and appreciation of at least one of the areas associated with the fine arts—drama, poetry, music, historical and imaginative literature, philosophy, and rhetoric.


The Honors Program provides an opportunity for high achieving students to be placed in small, intensified classes that explore issues and concerns from a wide perspective. Opportunities for service are also provided through the Honors Council. Participation in the Honors Program enhances the student’s prospects for scholarships and employment. Delgado offers Honors scholarships, and many universities give transfer scholarships to Honors students.

To qualify for Honors classes, a new student must have at least a 22 ACT composite score. For Honors English 101, a placement score of 10 or higher also qualifies. For continuing students, requirements are a 3.0 GPA in at least 12 hours at college level and completion of any developmental English or reading requirements. To be considered for an Honors scholarship, a continuing student must have a 3.4. (See Scholarships .)

Students may graduate in the Honors Program by achieving the following: 3.4 GPA, with 15 Honors credits, including HUMA 150. It is possible to graduate in the Honors Program in addition to the student’s regular major without taking extra courses. This is done by taking Honors courses for General Education requirements: English Composition, Humanities and Social Science requirements, and free elective. General Studies majors have great flexibility in taking Honors; the Honors Advisor is available to assist in degree planning.

Honors courses are indicated by sections numbered 164/184 (City Park Campus day/night) or 264/284 (West Bank Campus day/night).

To register for Honors classes, or to receive further information, please contact the Registrar’s Office on the respective campus.