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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Student Life

The co-curricular activities and organizations of students are important to their growth and development. Numerous scholastic, social, professional, service, interest, and religious organizations have been developed in response to expressed interest and to leadership of the student bodies across the College. Officers of all student organizations must have at least a 2.0 grade point average and be enrolled as full-time or part-time students. This applies to all members of student organizations, unless otherwise specified by the organization’s constitution.

Student Life Center

The Delgado Community College Student Life Center Complex is a 43,000 square-foot, full-service College Union. It was funded in 1998 by a student initiative. This state-of-the-art multifaceted building houses a full-service food court, coffee shop, duplicating center, student lounge, game room, meeting rooms, conference rooms and a ballroom. Designed for great symposiums, banquets, and celebrations of all types, this magnificent facility can accommodate with comfort, style, and ease groups of 5 to 500. The College’s Student Life Center is a complete meeting and events service found in one setting. For a tour of the conference center and room reservations, contact the Director of Auxiliary Services at (504) 671-5493.

Student Organizations

Student activities are offered in cooperation with the Student Government Association (SGA) on each campus, student organization officers, faculty sponsors, and the Office of Student Life.

The following organizations are recognized at Delgado Community College:

Departmental Clubs:
Alpha Rho Tau
American Institute of Graphics Arts Delgado (AIGA)
American Society of Safety Engineers
Charity Association of Student Nurses (CASN)
Construction Specification Institute
Culinary Club
Delgado Architecture Student Organization
Delgado Community College Car Club
Delgado Education Association CP & WB
Delgado Paramedic Association
Delgado Physical Therapist Assistant Association
Delgado Student Dietetic Association
Electronics Club
Interior Design Club
International Association Administration Professionals
Men in Nursing (AAMN)
Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA)
National Association of Homebuilders (Student Chapter)
National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc. (NFLPN)
Occupational Therapy Association
Sign Language Club, CP & WB
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Veterinarian Technology Technician Organization (VETT)

Special Interest Groups:
Biological Science Club, WB
Charity School of Nursing Class Board Organizations: Level 1, 2, 3, and 4
Criminal Justice
Delgado CyberNet Club
Delgado Dolphin Newspaper
Delgado Theater Club
Delgado Video Club (DTV)
Delta Epsilon Chi
Fine Arts and Literary Club, WB
Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA)
SIFE, (Student in Free Enterprise), WB
Skills USA, WB
Sociology Club of Delgado Community College
Outreach Club
Student Government Association, City Park, Charity, Northshore, and West Bank
Veterans Club

Honorary Societies:
Alpha Beta Gamma – CP, NS & WB
Delgado Honors Council
Mu Alpha Theta
Phi Theta Kappa
Sigma Alpha Chi (SAC)
Sigma Chi Eta

Religious Groups:
Baptist Collegiate Ministry
Campus Crusade for Christ
Muslim Student Association

Service Organizations:
Delgado Greens

For more information contact:
City Park – Building 11, room 111
(504) 671-6001

West Bank – Larocca Hall, room 147
(504) 762-3164

Northshore (Covington and Slidell)
(504) 671-6662

Charity School of Nursing –Room 619
(504) 571-1338

Delgado Activities And Traditions


Homecoming is celebrated each year by the entire college. A Homecoming basketball game is sponsored through the Athletic Department, and other activities are sponsored through the Student Government Association. A college-wide off campus celebration is held each year. Each campus and site elects a Mr. & Ms. Delgado to represent them throughout the week’s activities.

SGA Spring Fest

Ending the Spring Semester on a hot note, SGA sponsors its annual crawfish boil or fish fry on most of its campuses and sites.

Other Annual Gatherings

Annual gatherings include Welcome Fest, Fall Fest, and Summer Barbecue. These functions are sponsored by the Student Government Association.

African-American History Month

During the month of February, the SGA on all campuses, along with other campus organizations, sponsors African-American History Month. Activities centering on the heritage and contributions of African-Americans are featured.

Annual Honors Convocation

Once a year, the College gathers to honor its top achievers in scholarship, leadership, and service. The Honors Convocation is a college-sponsored activity conducted at the City Park and West Bank campuses each April.

International Week

The International Student Organization sponsors a week of international favorites including music, dances, sports, and food items from around the world at the City Park and West Bank Campuses.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Delgado Community College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association. The athletic programs of the college are a meaningful part of the total institution and are consistent with its goals of fostering individual fulfillment, the acceptance of responsibility, and self-realization. Delgado participates in four intercollegiate sports – men’s and women’s basketball, and men’s baseball.

Delgado is a member of the Louisiana Athletic Association of Community Colleges.

Intramural Sports

The intramural sports program provides students with opportunities for individual, dual and team competition. Intramurals are designed to provide enjoyment and physical recreation during the student’s college career, contribute to his or her physical well-being, improve recreational skills for leisure time, and aid in the development of sound emotional and social qualities. Some of the activities in the intramural program are basketball, soccer, tennis, softball, volleyball, and flag-football. Delgado is a member of the Louisiana Collegiate Intramural-Recreational Sports Association.

Participation is voluntary and open to all currently enrolled Delgado students in good academic and judicial standing. Participants retain their eligibility status until they withdraw from the College or fail to comply with the rules and regulations of the intramural sports office on the campus.

Delgado Community College assumes no responsibility for injuries received by any person during participation or involvement in Delgado’s Intramurals program.

To register for or obtain additional information on intramural sports, please contact the Coordinator of Intramural Sports at (504) 671-5650.

International Students

Delgado Community College welcomes students from around the world. Students representing more than 80 different nationalities are presently enrolled in various programs, including English as a Second Language, which is recognized worldwide and nationally as one of the largest programs of intensive English instruction in the USA. Non-native speakers of English are able to study English or pursue their major at Delgado.

International student groups such as the International Student Club and Vietnamese Club are Student Government-sponsored organizations whose purpose is to promote educational, recreational and social activities which enhance the cross-cultural understanding of the college and community. International fairs and ethnic celebrations are sponsored at various times during the semester highlighted by an International Evening promoting cultural food, music, and entertainment.

Delgado international students may participate in the SELAFA soccer league. This league is a highly competitive soccer league consisting of university affiliated teams from around the state. Regional universities participate in weekend games and tournament play.

The International Student Advisor assists international students by acting as liaison between international students, academic divisions, and administrative offices. The advisor also provides academic, personal, and social support. For more information, contact (504) 671-5090.