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2014 Summer Student Handbook 
2014 Summer Student Handbook [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Tuition, Fees & Payment


Upon registration, all tuition and registration fees must be paid in full to secure classes. Alternatively, classes may also be secured with confirmed financial aid, enrollment in a payment plan through Delgado’s contracted vendor, or by having an exemption or contract applied to the account. During periods of advanced registration, classes must be secured by the due dates established and posted in the Tuition, Fees and Payment section of the Student Handbook.



Tuition Rates

Delgado Community College’s tuition and fees are among the most reasonable in the state. Tuition, which is subject to change at any time by the LCTCS Board of Supervisors, is assessed as follows.

The following rates are scheduled to be effective for Spring 2014:

 Total Hours




















































More than 12

No cap

All online courses will be assessed at $131.68 per credit hour and a $3 per credit hour ERP fee.  Except for an Online Registration fee, no additional fees will be assessed.  The 12-hour cap that applies to in person classes does not apply to online courses.




Students classified as non-residents of the state of Louisiana are assessed non-resident tuition and fees according to the rates established by the LCTCS Board of Supervisors. Student residency is established at the time of application to the College. Residency classification is determined by the Admissions Office based on criteria set forth by the LCTCS Board of Supervisors and the information provided on the student’s application. If a residency reclassification is necessary or required, students must make requests through the Registrar’s Office. For more information, see the Residency section in the current College Catalog.


Registration Fees

Registration fees are assessed to all students upon registration. For a description of all fees, please see Fee Descriptions .

Per Credit Hour Fees

In addition to tuition, the following fees are assessed to each student for in person classes on a per credit hour basis.  Online or web based courses are only assessed the ERP and are exempt from additional per credit hour fees.

  • Academic Excellence Fee - $7 per credit hour up to $84

  • Building Use Fee - $4 per credit hour up to $48

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Fee* - $3 per credit hour up to $36

  • Online Registration Fee* - $40 per semester

  • Operational Fee - $3 per credit hour up to $36

  • Student Services Fee* - $2 per credit hour up to $24

  • Technology Fee - $5 per credit hour up to $60

*Indicates non-refundable fee

Flat Fees

Students are assessed the following flat fees each semester.  Those below that are noted as campus or program specific are only assessed to students in that program or in a program associated with that campus as indicated.

  • Student Government Association* - $10 per semester for fall and spring; $5 for summer

  • Student Life Center, City Park Campus* - $15 per semester for fall and spring

  • Student Life Center, West Bank Campus* - $40 per semester for fall and spring

  • Student Activity Fee*, Practical and Registered Nursing programs only - $30 per semester for fall and spring

  • ID Card Fee* - $10 (except Northshore)

*Indicates non-refundable fee

Audit Fees and Tuition

Students who choose to audit a class pay regular tuition and fees. Classes taken as audit are not eligible for waiver, scholarship, financial assistance, sponsorship, or verification of enrollment.

Payment Information


Payment in full or other arrangements to secure classes must be made by

  • May 30, 2014 by 3 p.m. in person or by 11 p.m. if paying online.
    or by

  • Close of business each day after June 3, 2014.


Online Payments

Avoid long lines by paying tuition with a credit card via the Web at my.lctcs.edu. Delgado welcomes American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA for online payment.

  • Students may pay online with a check.  There is no fee for this service.
  • Students choosing to pay with a credit card will be assessed a 2.75 percent convenience fee at the time of payment.

  • No credit cards will be accepted in person.


Payment by Mail

If you mail your check, you must allow approximately two weeks for mailing and processing of your check. Please include the top portion of your bill or print your College-wide identification number on the check.

City Park Campus
615 City Park Avenue, Building 2, Room 104
New Orleans, LA 70119

Returned checks subject students to immediate withdrawal for nonpayment the following day.

Payment Plan


Students have the option to spread payments over as many as six months depending on how early they enroll in the plan. The plan is administered by the College’s contracted third party vendor, currently CASHNet.

Terms of the payment plan:

  • Student must not have any past due balances.

  • First payment is due upon enrollment.

  • All enrollment in the payment plan is done online through LoLA – my.lctcs.edu.

  • As a condition of enrollment, student must provide bank routing and account numbers or credit card information for auto-draft of future payments.

  • Payment plan fee is $30.

  • Other fees may apply. Please read all Terms and Conditions when enrolling in plan.

  • Payment due date is the 15th of each month.

  • Payments made outside of the payment plan will not secure classes from a purge for non-payment.    

Delinquent Accounts / Violation of Payment Deadlines

Any balance remaining after payment deadlines published in this schedule (but before classes are removed from the system) may cause a $30 non-refundable deferment fee to be assessed to the student’s account. Failure to honor payment plan dates or pay any balance in full by the end of the term may result in the account being placed with a collection agency. Students will be responsible for all collection and/or legal fees associated with accounts placed for collection. Holds that restrict registration, viewing of grades, and/or graduation will be placed on all accounts with a balance remaining after the last scheduled payment date.


Waiver of Tuition

Students may receive a waiver of base tuition and applicable fees if they are active National Guard members, New Orleans police officers or fire fighters, dependents of a disabled or deceased in the line of duty police officer, firefighter or military personnel, or full-time students cross-enrolled from UNO, SUNO, SLU, NCC. If you believe you may qualify for a tuition waiver, please submit documents to verify eligibility to the Accounts Receivable Office at the City Park Campus or the Bursar’s Office at the location you attend.

Senior Citizens: Tuition is waived for Louisiana residents 60 years and over for one three-credit-hour course each semester (no auditing or non-credit). Students pay a non-refundable $25 application fee and all other assessed fees.

 Please note: Students who qualify for waiver must visit the Bursar’s Office each term to have it applied to their account.


Adjustment of Tuition and Fees

For students reducing their credit hours or officially withdrawing from the College, all or a portion of their refundable tuition and fees may be credited to their student account according to a tuition adjustment schedule published each semester in the Student Handbook. The portion (percentage) is an adjustment to the tuition and fees the student is assessed for the semester, not a refund of what the student has already paid.  If a credit balance remains after all tuition and fees due are deducted from any payment that have been applied, the balance will be returned to the student automatically.

Students must complete the drop/withdrawal process before the posted deadlines to qualify for a reduction in amounts owed.  Students who wish to appeal the tuition adjustment (or lack thereof) must complete a “Refund Request Form” which can be found online.  The completed form plus any relevant support documents (such as a letter stating the reasons the student feels he or she is entitled to a tuition adjustment) must be submitted the Bursar’s Office.

Nonattendance does not constitute withdrawal. Students who have classes secured through any means, including pending financial aid, must withdraw from the College if they decide not to attend. Students with secured classes may have a financial obligation to the College if they do not withdraw, even if they never attend.



Through June 10


June 11 - 16


After June 16




If a credit balance remains after all tuition and fees due are deducted from any payments that have been applied, the balance will be returned to the student automatically.



Delgado Community College has partnered with Higher One to deliver refunds to students. Upon your first semester of enrollment, you will receive a card in the mail from Higher One just before the official 14th day.  This is NOT a credit card!  Watch for a lime green envelope.

You will have the option to receive your refund on the Higher One card or have it deposited directly to your own bank account. You must follow the directions included in the mailing to either activate your card or set up a direct deposit.  Please be on the lookout for it and don’t mistake it for junk mail. The following groups of students will not receive Higher One cards: those with a residency code of Foreign, dual enrollment students, and non-credit only students. Students with a credit balance who are not carded will receive a check mailed to their permanent mailing address on record.  Please verify your address on LoLA.

What do I do if I didn’t receive a Higher One card? After the 14th day, if you have not received a card from Higher One, please first verify your mailing address on LoLA then visit the Bursar’s Office on the campus nearest to you to request a replacement card.

What do I do if I lose my Higher One card? Once you have received and activated your Higher One card, if it is lost or stolen, you must contact Higher One directly by calling 1-866-754-9425. You will be assessed a $20 replacement card fee.

How can I avoid costly ATM and/or merchant transaction fees when using my Higher One card? More than half of Higher One account holders never receive more than one PIN fee…they are easy to avoid! Instead of entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at checkout, choose “credit” and sign the receipt to avoid the PIN fee.  In addition, if you “Swipe and Sign” for all your purchases instead of visiting the ATM, you avoid all fees. However, if you must use an ATM, do so at FREE Higher One ATMs only.  For a complete list of possible fees associated with your Higher One card, please go to https://www.higheroneaccount.com/studentaccount/feeschedules.do.