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2015 Summer Student Handbook 
2015 Summer Student Handbook [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Dropping Courses or Withdrawing from the College

Each student is responsible for dropping classes or withdrawing from College if he/she is unable to complete the course(s). Failure to do so may lead to a lower or failing grade in a course and an outstanding financial obligation.  Students may drop classes or withdraw from College in accordance with the Dropping Classes/Withdrawing from College procedures outlined in the current College Catalog. In addition, students may request reinstatement into a dropped class through the Reinstatement Procedures as outlined in the current College Catalog.

The Title IV financial aid you could receive from the federal government–Pell, ACG, or SEOG Grants, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, or a Parent Plus Loan—is for your use while you are a student. If you received federal student aid from any of the above programs, and you withdraw from school, some of that money might have to be given back to the source by you or by Delgado Community College. Even if you don’t finish your course work, you’ll have to repay the loan funds you received, minus any student loan funds your school has returned to your lender. This process is referred to as the Return of Title IV.

Basically, the Return of Title IV Aid works like this: If you withdraw or stop attending classes before the 60% point of a semester, you will have to repay a portion of the aid you received, if it was not earned. Therefore, if you completely withdraw after 30%  of the semester has passed, you will owe 70 percent of the original tuition charges back to the government immediately. This payment can be made to the Bursar’s Office within 45 days of notification from the financial aid office.

Here’s an example for the Summer Session: Classes started on June 3 for the Summer Session, and you were awarded the following financial aid: $2,865 Pell Grant, and $1,750 Stafford Loan. The total aid received is $4,615. If your tuition and fees were $1,500, the remaining $3,115 is money you received directly for other educational expenses. The chart below shows your payback would be due from Pell Grant funds based upon the withdrawal dates.

The following chart is an example for the Summer Session:

Date of Withdrawal

% of Term Completed

Total Payback Due Estimated

June 16, 2015



June 23, 2015



June 30, 2015



July 1, 2015



July 8, 2015



NOTE: Loans are repaid to lender according to the terms of the signed master promissory note.

The decision to withdraw from the College is often difficult; however, it is important you understand all your options before completely withdrawing. Therefore, you are encouraged to consult with your academic and financial aid advisors before making this decision. If the decision is made to withdraw from school please visit and complete EXIT COUNSELING.

Before the 7th Day (before Census) Tuition and Fee Adjustment Information

A tuition and fee adjustment is an adjustment in the amount of tuition and fees owed by a student to Delgado Community College. This will take place if a student elects to withdraw before the official 7th class day.

Tuition Adjustment Schedule

Adjustments to tuition and refundable fees will be made according to the below schedule regardless of the date of your registration (or late registration). Students who register after the 100 percent tuition and fee adjustment period ends and then drop a course or withdraw will receive a tuition and fee adjustment in accordance with the dates on which they dropped. 


Through June 9

100% Adjustment of Tuition and Fees

June 10 - 15

50% Adjustment of Tuition and Refundable Fees

After June 15

No Tuition and Fee Adjustment

If you paid out-of-pocket for classes and you are due money from dropping or withdrawing, a credit balance (negative balance) will appear within 24 - 48 hours. All refunds will begin processing after the official 7th class day.

After the 7th Day (after Census) Tuition and Fee Adjustment Information

There are no tuition and fee adjustments made after the 7th class day. Students will owe Delgado Community College the full amount of tuition and fees applied to the students’ accounts.

Received Financial Aid?

  • If you withdraw from classes, all aid will be removed until attendance is verified. After attendance is verified, aid will be awarded based on the Federal Financial Assistance Refund / Repayment information below.
  • If you drop one or more classes, your financial aid will be recalculated. The reduced amount will be available to view at
  • You must be enrolled in and complete six or more credit hours to keep loan funds.
  • If you receive federal financial aid and are withdrawing from Delgado Community College, please see the Federal Financial Assistance Refund/Repayment information below.


Federal Financial Assistance Refunds / Repayments

When a student completely withdraws from the College during an academic period for which he or she is the recipient of Title IV funds, the College is required to determine whether the return of Title IV funds must be made according to statutory and regulatory requirements. The rules that govern the return of Title IV Funds assume that a student earns his or her assistance based upon the period of time that the student remained enrolled. Delgado Community College is a non-attendance* taking institution for the purposes of Return of Title IV Funds regulations; therefore, each student is responsible for dropping classes or withdrawing from College if he/she is unable to complete the course(s). (*Exception: Any program that is required by an external agency to have attendance taken.)

During the first 60 percent of an enrollment period, a student “earns” Title IV funds in direct proportion to the length of time that he or she remains enrolled. The percentage of time during an academic period that a student remained enrolled is the percentage of disbursable assistance for that period that the student earned.

Assistance is disbursable if a student could have received it at that point of academic period when the student withdraws from the College. Total disbursable assistance includes that which was disbursed and that which could have been, but was not, disbursed as of the student’s date of withdrawal. A student who remains enrolled at the College beyond the 60 percent point of an academic period is presumed to have earned all assistance for that period. Unearned Title IV funds, other than Federal Work Study, must be returned.

Unearned assistance is the amount of disbursed Title IV funds that exceed the amount of Title IV funds earned under statutory and regulatory guidelines. The responsibility to repay unearned Title IV funds is shared by the College and the student in proportion to the Title IV funds each is assumed to possess. The College will notify, in writing, a student who is required to repay and return unearned Title IV funds before the end of the enrollment period.