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2020 Summer Student Handbook 
2020 Summer Student Handbook [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]


General Admission Requirements

  • An application for admission.
  • Immunization waiver form or evidence of two separate dates of vaccination against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) if born in 1956 or after AND proof of Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccination that is less than 10 years old OR immunization waiver form or proof of vaccination against Meningococcal Disease (Meningitis) is required of all first-time freshmen, regardless of age.
  • Proof of selective service registration for male applicants between ages 18 and 25 (in compliance with State Law R.S.17:3151).

Provisional Admission

Students who are admitted to the College provisionally and applying for federal financial assistance must be fully admitted to the College before their federal financial aid is processed.

Admission Information by Status

First-Time Freshman 

Who fits this status: A freshman student is a first-time student who has never attended college.

Records needed to clear provisional admission status and meet admission requirements:

  • Immunization waiver form or immunization records, including Meningitis.
  • Selective Service Registration (males 18-25 years old only).

Freshmen Orientation: Freshmen orientation is now online and on your mobile device!  Our freshmen online orientation is designed to assist new students in making the transition to Delgado Community College.  All first time freshmen enrolled in a certificate or associate’s degree program are required to participate in the online orientation program. To access the online orientation, go to www.dcc.edu, select the Admissions tab, select First-Time Freshmen, then select Orientation.

Transfer Students 

Who fits this status: A transfer student is one who has attended another regionally accredited college or university.

Records needed to clear provisional admission status and meet admission requirements for certificate- or degree-seeking:

  • Immunization waiver form or immunization records.
  • Selective Service Registration (males ages 18 - 25 only).

Records needed to register for classes with co-requisites or pre-requisites: Transfer students can meet with an academic advisor for classes that have corequisites or prerequisites. Transfer students must bring to advisors an official or unofficial copy of a transcript or grade reports from all institutions previously attended to register for courses requiring corequisites or prerequisites. Students must provide these documents to demonstrate they meet course requirements so that advisors will have the information needed to assist with course selection. Students can also complete a registration override form for courses requiring a pre-requisite or co-requisite. The OFFICIAL transcript must be received within 30 days of the first day of classes in the Office of Admissions or the Answer Center. 

Official transcript requirement: Official transcripts will be evaluated during the student’s first semester at Delgado. Once the evaluation has been completed, an email notification will be sent to the student’s Delgado email address. Inquiries about the use of a transfer course to meet degree requirements should be directed to the dean of the student’s major. 

Academic status of transfer students: A transfer student who is on academic probation or suspension is admitted to Delgado Community College in good standing.

Returning Students 

Who fits this status: Returning students are students who have previously attended Delgado.

Records needed to clear provisional admission status and meet admission requirements:

  • Immunization waiver form or immunization records if applicable.
  • Selective Service Registration (males ages 18 - 25 only) if applicable.

Visiting Students

Who fits this status: Visiting students who are currently enrolled in another institution, but wish to take courses for one semester at Delgado, and will be returning to their home institution the following semeste. Visiting students are not eligible for federal financial assistance.

Records needed to clear provisional admission status and meet admission requirements: 

  • Immunization waiver  form or immunization records.
  • Selective Service Registration (males 18-25 years old only).

College transcript requirement: An unofficial transcript may be required for advising purposes.

International Students 

Who fits this status: International students include those who have entered this country on a student visa and plan to attend Delgado.

Documents Needed to Enroll

An applicant seeking admission on a student visa must submit these items before SEVIS Form I-20 can be issued:

  • Completed application form signed by the applicant. All questions must be answered.
  • Notarized Statement of Financial Support to show evidence of sufficient funds to cover all costs while studying in the United States.
  • Proof of immunization, if born after 1956, on the Delgado Proof of Immunization form. All first-time freshmen, regardless of age, are required to have the Meningococcal vaccine.
  • Official transcript from the last school attended (see “Foreign Transcript Evaluation” in the College Catalog.) **

**Contact Admissions and Enrollment Services, (504) 671-5090. For information on the English Language Proficiency Test, call (504) 671-5080.

International Student Admission Deadlines

You must contact International Student Admissions for pre-approval before final admission is granted. International Student Admissions is located in Recruitment and Outreach and International Student Services, Student Services Center, Building 2, second floor, Room 203. If you entered this country on a student visa and plan to attend Delgado, your application packet for admission must be received as follows: 

Admit Status Summer 2020 
First-time freshman N/A
Transfer students Before May 10, 2020

High School Students

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school or home school have a unique opportunity to begin their college education while in high school through Delgado’s Dual/Concurrent Enrollment program. (See High School Students (Dual/Concurrent Enrollment)  pages for more information.)

Cross-Enrollment Students

Delgado has entered into agreements with specific colleges so that students may enroll in courses not offered on their home campus. Under this program, Delgado students may also take courses at these schools. (See Cross-Enrollment Students  pages for more information.)