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2020 Summer Student Handbook 
2020 Summer Student Handbook [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Dropping Courses or Withdrawing from the College

Each student is responsible for dropping classes or withdrawing from College if he/she is unable to complete the course(s). Failure to do so may lead to a lower or failing grade in a course and an outstanding financial obligation. Students may drop classes or withdraw from College in accordance with the Dropping Classes/Withdrawing from College procedures outlined in the current College Catalog. In addition, students may request reinstatement into a dropped class through the Reinstatement Procedures as outlined in the current College Catalog.

Delgado is a non-attendance* taking institution for the purposes of Return of Title IV Funds regulations (*with the exception of online courses and programs that are required by an external agency to have attendance taken). See the current College Catalog sections on Return of Title IV Funds and Attendance.

Students are responsible for all course content and are responsible for understanding course-specific attendance policies and should plan accordingly as listed in the course syllabi. Failure to do so may lead to a lower or failing grade in a course and an outstanding financial obligation.

A student is responsible for dropping classes or withdrawing from College if he/she is unable to complete the course(s). Failure to officially drop a course or withdraw from the College may result in the student receiving an “F” in the course. Instructors will continue to be required to drop a student for “non-attendance” prior to Census class day, but after the Census day, students must drop classes/withdraw from College themselves. 

After the Census day, instructors cannot drop students; however, by midterm, instructors are required to assign an FN grade to each student for whom the instructor identifies as not meeting the requirements for sufficient participation at midterm to be successful in the course. If a student receives FNs in ALL enrolled classes at midterm, the student will be unofficially withdrawn from the College by the College Registrar. Students who are unofficially withdrawn from the College due to ALL FNs at midterm may request reinstatement. To request reinstatement into a dropped class, a student must continue to follow the same reinstatement procedures in the catalog (approval of instructor and dean). 

Sometimes, things happen that may prevent a student from completing a semester after classes start. It is our hope at Delgado Community College that you enjoy a full growth experience during the approaching school year. In light of the possibility that an emergency may prevent you from completing your intended studies, you need to be aware of the financial impact a withdrawal from Delgado can cause.

Tuition Adjustment Information before the Census Day 

A tuition adjustment is an adjustment in the amount of tuition owed by a student to Delgado Community College.  This will take place if a student elects to withdraw before the official Census class day. Adjustments to tuition will be made according to the below schedule regardless of the date of your registration (or late registration). Students who register after the 100 percent tuition adjustment period ends and then drop a course or withdraw will receive a tuition adjustment in accordance with the dates on which they dropped. Registration fees are non-refundable after the 100% adjustment period. There are no tuition adjustments made after the Census class day. Students will owe Delgado Community College the full amount of tuition and fees applied to the students’ accounts.

Summer 2020 Tuition Adjustment Schedule / Withdrawal from College / Reduction in Credit Hours:

Semester / Term Maymester 2020 Summer 2020 Session Summer 2020 Minimester Term A Summer 2020 Minimester Term B
100% Tuition Adjustment Through May 18 Through June 9 Through June 4 Through July 2
50% Tuition Adjustment May 19 June 10 - 15 June 5 - 8 July 3 - 6
No Tuition Adjustment After After June 15 After June 8 After July

If you paid out-of-pocket for classes and you are due money from dropping or withdrawing, a credit balance (negative balance) will appear within 24 - 48 hours. All refunds will begin processing after the official Census class day.

Census Date and Financial Aid Eligibility

In accordance with federal regulations, the Office of Financial Aid will recalculate Federal and State aid based on the enrollment status as of the census date set by the College. The census date is the point at which your enrollment is locked, and it can be found on the Academic Calendar located in the current Catalog. Federal Pell Grant funds may be available to students enrolled less than half-time. See year round Pell for exceptions.

Awards that are affected by the census date are:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
  • GO Grant

Note: Direct loans are recalculated prior to disbursement.

If You Received Financial Aid and Have Withdrawn from the College

The Title IV financial aid you receive from the federal government is for use while you are a student. Title IV financial aid includes Pell Grant, SEOG Grants, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, or a Parent Plus Loan. If you received federal student aid from any of the above programs, and you withdraw from school, some of that money might have to be given back to the source by you or by Delgado Community College. If you don’t finish your coursework, you’ll have to repay the loan funds you received, plus any student loan funds your school has returned to your lender. This process is referred to as Return of Title IV.

Dropping All Classes - To avoid financial penalties and aid adjustments, make sure you drop all classes prior to the beginning of the semester. If you drop all classes prior to the start of the semester, you will not be considered a student for that semester and, thus, not entitled to receive any form of financial aid. Your aid will be canceled and returned to the appropriate program(s). If you drop all your classes (withdraw) close to the beginning of the semester, and you have already received financial aid, you will be required to repay the entire amount of aid disbursed to you. Once the semester starts on the first day, you have begun to earn aid and a Return of Title IV Aid calculation must be completed.

Failing ALL Classes - If you fail all of your classes in a semester, you may be subject to a Return of Title IV Aid calculation. If you have “earned” at least one of your “F”s (i.e., attended class for at least one course until the end of the term and received an F for poor performance), then no calculation is required. However, if you received all Fs because you stopped attending or never attended courses prior to the 60% point in the semester, then a Return of Title IV Aid calculation is required. This is considered an unofficial withdrawal and the 50% point of the semester will be used as the withdrawal date. An account balance will be created if the calculation results in the return of financial aid.

If you withdraw or stop attending classes before the 60% point of a semester, you will have to repay a portion of the aid you received because it was not earned. For more information, please visit the Return of Title IV Funds page in the Catalog.