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2012 Spring - Student Handbook 
2012 Spring - Student Handbook [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

About Scheduling Classes Online

You can search and register for courses online. Click on “Courses,” then select the appropriate term and preferences.

Below is an example of what you will see on the screen when you are browsing courses:

Section Title Column

The example above shows “ACCT-111-1WA” in the Section Title column. The four-letter course prefix “ACCT” means that this is an Accounting class. The number “111” denotes the course number. The combination of three letters/numbers that follow the course number — “1WA” — is the section number, or code, which represents the campus or location where the course is held, if the course is offered day, night or Saturday, and/or if the course is online or on site.

Use the following list to determine the meaning of the first character or number in the section code. (In the example 1WA, the 1 represents the 100 series, meaning the course is held at or administered from the City Park Campus.)


Course location/type

100-168 City Park Campus
168-169 City Park Saturday
170-189 City Park evening
190-195 Jefferson day
196-198 Jefferson night
201 West Bank Campus
301 Charity School of Nursing
501 Slidell day
520 Covington day
580 Covington night
570 Slidell night

If the second character in the section code is a letter, use the list below to determine its meaning. (In the example 1WA, the W means that it is an online class.)

Section Letter

Type of course

A Reserved for non-native speakers of English
B Bridge Program
C Compressed Video Class
D Dual Enrollment class; not for general student population
E Electronic Classroom
F Flex class
H Hybrid class
I Independent Study
L Learning Community class
M Fast Track ending at midterm
N Fast Track beginning at midterm
O LCTCS online class
P Practicum/COOP/Clinical
R Honors class
S Intersession
W Online class
Y Restricted to YAATC students

For the third character in the sequence, the letters A through M are used to represent day courses and the letters P through Z are used to represent night classes. (In the example 1WA, the A means that the course is held during the day.)

Call Number Column

The call number is the unique identification number assigned to each and every course offered by Delgado Community College. You will use the call numbers to select the specific courses in which you wish to enroll during course registration periods.

Your Class Schedule

Below is an example of what you will see on the screen after you have added classes to your schedule:

Days Time Location Column

In the example below, MATH-096-101 is a daytime class at the City Park Campus (indicated by the section code 101). In the Days Time Location column, the following is listed: MWF 08:00-08:50AM CP01 317E.

The days of the week are abbreviated as follows:

M – Monday
T – Tuesday
W – Wednesday
R – Thursday
F – Friday
S – Saturday

For example, “MWF” means that a course meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Likewise, a class listed as “R” under the day column means that the class meets on Thursdays.

Next, the time that the class is held is shown as follows (08:00-08:50AM), meaning that the course starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 8:50 a.m.

The final information given is the location of the class – CP01 317E. The first one or two letters represent the campus/location:

CH – Charity School of Nursing
CO – Covington
CP – City Park Campus
SL – Slidell
TB – Technical Division - Jefferson
WB – West Bank Campus
TW – Technical Division – West Jefferson

The next one or two numbers determine the building. In the below example, CP01 means that the course is held at the City Park Campus in Building 1.

The last numbers indicate the room where the course is held; in the below example, 317E is the room. “E” denotes the east side of a building and a “W” represents the west side.

NOTE: If you see “TBA” listed in the day, time or location columns next to a course, this means that you should contact the academic division to obtain this information.