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2013 Summer Student Handbook 
2013 Summer Student Handbook [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Students with Disabilities Notice

Delgado Community College welcomes individuals with disabilities. There exists a network of support services designed to provide an equal educational opportunity to every student. Those students who have some type of disability which they feel may hinder their ability to compete in the College academics and/ or social areas on an equal basis may wish to seek assistance through Disability Services.

Delgado Community College has designated disability services coordinators. The office at the City Park Campus is located in Building 2, Room 102. The office at the West Bank Campus is located in LaRocca Hall, Room 145. Delgado Community College provides academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to qualified students. Please be advised, however, that you must contact Disability Services in person and provide documentation of your disability in order to be eligible to receive academic accommodation and assistance with registration. We can then be aware of your particular needs and help make your educational experience a successful one.

Campus Disability Services numbers are as follows:


West Bank Campus
Delgado-West Jefferson

Joseph Williams, (504) 762-3191
  City Park Campus
Delgado Charity School of Nursing
Amanda Hassan, (504) 671-5160 (TDD) or (504) 671-5161 (voice)